Geothermal Heat Pump Pipe Size

June 16th 2011, Geothermal Heat Pump, Khader Khan, 0 comments

GeothermalGeothermal cooling is the use of the earth in a system that allows the regulation of temperature. It is commonly used in cooling domestic houses in regulating the temperature especially during summer. It uses the earth as a heat source and at the same time as a heat sink.

The horizontal closed loop is more ideal when the land area of the owner is large. It is cheaper to install for small installations. Installing this one is also better for new construction. Six pipes which have parallel connections are usually buried in each trench.

Robert Mancini, P. Eng., earned a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Toronto and is an internationally known expert in geothermal systems. He is president of R. Mancini and Associates Ltd., a geothermal consulting firm in Bolton, Ontario.

The open loop system is the simpler system. It has two wells. Through one well, it draws ground water from an aquifer. The water then goes to the geothermal heat pump heat exchanger and then it goes to the second well where it is discharged to the aquifer again. The open loop system is ideal for lots that are not too big because closed loop systems need larger land area. However, open loop systems have a problem with ground water chemical conditions because these conditions can lead to damaging the geothermal heat pump's heat exchanger. Precautions are needed to keep gases such as carbon dioxide in solution in the water.