Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters Cost

July 6th 2013, Heat Pump, Sharat Kumar, 10 comments

I am looking at updating the heating and water heating systems in a rental home I recently purchased. Currently, there is a 4 year old Burnham oil furnace with a coil for water heating. I'm looking at adding a natural gas burner to the system, as gas lines are already in place. With regard to water heating, I'm looking at indirect fired systems although I've received some recommendations for installing an electric tank. Thoughts or advice? As you can probably tell, I'm new to this! Thanks.

For a 5 year replacement you must have some pretty agressive corrosion on the tank. But if thats what the company has experienced then doing some preventative maintenance is a great idea. The problem I have had with similar easy/cheap activities that ultimately save money is remembering to do them I have started entering yearly or seasonally tasks into my Google calendar to remind myself.


We replaced our tank with another tank recently. Tankless was not recommended because of the very, very cold winters we get here the city water starts off at 4 degrees C for 4 or 5 months of the year, which makes for some odd effects sandwiching , and not being able to get hot water to trickle, for shaving, for instance.

Murray and Hoskin live with an asthmatic flatmate in an old house that's prone to dampness. They swear by their dehumidifier. Its use has not increased the power bill during the past few months, they say. The flatmates leave the appliance in the bathroom, where it helps dry their towels.

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    A good heatpump should also have emergency heat stips - these are actual electrical strips inside the heatpump that are to be used during extreme cold below 30 degrees f. there should be a setting on your thermostat: emer heat. be sure that your electrical heat strip is installed and connected, it usually operates on a 220v and there is an actual strip of heaters inside the unit. for colder climates - forget the heatpump, gas heat is wonderful!

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    Obviously the hot water heater is electric.

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    It is possible to heat a home with a water heater that way. But there are dangerous problems that need to be addressed. #1 is that water heaters are not intended to run constantly, which would happen if the heater wasn't really large enough for the job you are putting it through. It would take an analysts from a professional to determine the feasibility and requirements of your system.

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    you will contaminate your water supply. buy a conversion burner to convert from oil to natural gas.