Heat Pump Wiring Schematics

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Outdoor Split System Heat Pump Wiring Diagrams. Disconnect all power before servicing.2. For supply connections use copper conductors only.3. Not suitable on systems that exceed 150 volts to ground.4. For replacement wires use conductors suitable for 105 C.5. For ampacities and overcurrent protection, see unit rating plate.6. Connect to 24 vac/40va/class 2 circuit. See furnace/air handler instructions for control circuit and optional relay/transformer kits.Closing during defrost. Rating: 1 Amp. Max.Opens during defrost. Rating: 2 HP at 230 Vac Max.Closed when Y is on. Open when Y is off.Provides off delay time of 5 min. when Y opens.With DFT closed and Y closed, compressor run time is accumulated.Opening of DFT during defrost or interval period resets the interval to 0.

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These are the four wires that you need to control the heat, cooling and the blower or fan for most air conditioning and heating systems. If the colors of the wires do not match the colors described here make sure you mark the wires with masking tape. If there are more wires that are not hooked up don't worry. This is common. Thermostat wire comes in many different varieties and the contractor who installed the system probably used 5 wire or 8 wire thermostat wire. They used what they needed and simply twisted or cut the other wires off.