Rheem Heat Pump Icing Up

March 9th 2011, Heat Pump, Chalapati Rao, 0 comments

RheemOne of the first things to consider is the space that you are installing it in. Rheem recommends that you install the water heater in an indoor location, protected from wet or freezing conditions. They also recommend installing it in a place with a minimum of 1000 cubic feet of unconditioned air space to allow for adequate air intake to the heat pump. A warm area of the home is the ideal location, where the space's heat will be transferred to the water heater through its heat pump. An attic, garage, basement or heated sunroom are ideal locations for installation. Also, make sure to leave enough space in front of the unit for access to service the electrical components, and a minimum of 8 inches above the top of the unit to allow for adequate air circulation through the blower fan.