Heat Pump Pressures

June 13th 2011, Heat Pump, Sharat Kumar, 0 comments
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HeatThis is coming from just a dumb female USE THE HEAT PUMP. A heat pump reverses the freon in the heat stage. We also have a 1999 Double Wide 25& 215;80 and we used the furnace last month and our bill was $157.00. I called the Trane dealer we use to do business with when we had a house and he said the energy for the furnace was almost twice that of a heat pump. So I have switched the heater off and am using the heat pump. Unless it gets down to about 20 degrees or less use the heat pump. Saves more energy. If you have a heat pump there should be an emergency heat switch on your thermostat for the furnace and normal for the heat pump. Try using it when the outside temperature is 50 degrees and see if heat is coming out Make sure you have the thermostat on heat. If no heat comes out and the outside unit is not running with it on heat you may not have a heat pump. You may just have an A/C unit outside and no heat pump. Your thermostat should show you what you have. If you have just the A/C then you can not get heat from it. You must use the furnace inside your home. Good Luck.

Answer by dvdacmnthere is a low pressure switch on h/p systems they either dont come on or dont energize switching valve then it runs in heat mode oops sorry didnt notice fan comes on itscould be cap