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Where I live, the temperature fluctuates constantly, then meteorologists blame it on the jet stream, which is predominantly westerly air currents encircling the globe. In the Spring, the polar jet stream starts to journey north, following the sun. This allows the warmer air to transport up into the northern regions of the country. But the jet stream is fickle. It can allow summer-like temperatures in January and May, only to bring chilly and snow in March; What this means, of course, is that northerners are constantly changing their temperature controls to accommodate the changes, then and beware heading out to labor in the morning separate from checking the weather station first! The calendar may indicate that it should be warm outside, however the weather channel may predict snow. People are slowly updating their temperature controls to electronic ones, which adjust the boiler settings automatically, depending on how they are programmed, and smart temperature controls are even more advanced in customization of the homeowners’ preferences. But when the external temperature gets above sixty five degrees, one may be tricked into thinking that the warm weather is here to stay, sporadically turning the boiler off and opening the windows. As the month of May approaches, people often switch their Heating plus A/C system from the boiler to the air conditioning system. And no matter how many Springs you’ve lived through, you can still be fooled by many warm afternoons in a row. But then one day, reality hits (again) and the jet stream moves south, delivering chilly weather. The foolhardy make the adjustment to the temperature control again, closing the windows and putting winter clothes back on. There’s no use complaining about it – that’s just the way it is.