AC is not laboring at task fair


I’ve been looking for a task since my pal and I have moved so I went to a task fair last week, and i dressed up nice and printed out a few dozen resumes and thought I was ready to kill it.

I was thrilled to see that there were a bunch of companies there recruiting, however but, as soon as I walked into the venue, I knew something was wrong, and all the men had their ties half untied and a few buttons down, ladies were fanning themselves with brochures, and it was tepid inside, and there seemed to be a problem with the Heating and A/C system.

I did the rounds however did not look my best because of the heat. After a few minutes, I was all sweaty and panting. It was funny that there were a few Heating and A/C companies there looking to hire. Although they were competing companies, I overheard them speculating on what was wrong, then one said that they could feel air blowing however it was moderate air so perhaps there was a problem with the compressor. The other said he suspected it was a freon leak or shortage. I didn’t understand some of the other possible issues they put forth, however finally, I blurted out, “why don’t one of you repair it.” They explained that they had both offered to. But, apparently, the person who approves such things wasn’t at the venue and couldn’t be reached. I ended up discussing Heating and A/C systems, in length, with one of the Heating and A/C companies. It turns out they are looking for a client service agent so I offered him my resume. At least I know if I get that task, I’ll never have to worry about laboring in an unairconditioned office.

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