Air conditioning stopped working at the worst time


The HVAC technician was so nice and positive

Have you ever heard the expression when it rains it pours? Lately I feel like I can relate to this expression so much. The last two months have been the hardest months of my life. My daughter was born unexpectedly when I was only 24 weeks pregnant. She is now fighting for her life in the NICU. If that isn’t stressful enough, my cat also went missing for twelve hours. In addition to that, our central air conditioning stopped working out of nowhere. Even though I spend the majority of my days in an air conditioned hospital room, the air conditioning not working in my home is incredibly stressful. I live in a hot and humid climate, so opening the windows is not always an option. I called a local HVAC company and they gave me a window of time that an HVAC technician would be at my house to fix the air conditioning. I totally understand that this is protocol, however this took time away from me being with my baby in the NICU. Luckily the HVAC technician was able to detect and fix the problem with my air conditioner that day. I had an HVAC maintenance plan so I was able to get a discount on services which helped. The HVAC technician was so nice and positive . The HVAC technician told me a story about his niece that was born prematurely and is doing so well now, which gave me hope. Sometimes when everything goes wrong at once you do meet people who can bring positivity to your life just like the HVAC technician did for me.

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