Airplane travel


I have to travel a lot for work every month. I would say on average I am gone about fifteen days out of the month. It’s a good thing I am not scared of flying because I am in an airplane more often than I am at home. It is hard to be away so often, but I am not married and I don’t have any pets to worry about so I have the best situation imaginable. I feel bad for the other women I work with that do have families and other responsibilities back at home, because the travel is much harder on them than it is for me. Since we are always traveling I have become very used to airports and I can normally predict what to expect. I try to always remember to back a jacket because the air conditioner seems like it is always running on full blast no matter the season and no matter where the airport is located. I was thinking the other day that these facilities must pay a fortune for their HVAC bills. I could not imagine what having to run the air conditioner in a big space like would cost. I get cold very easily so at home I normally get my air conditioner turned off, I like to keep my house a comfortable temperature and sometimes the air conditioner is much too cold for my liking. I have only forgotten my sweater during a flight once and it was brutal, I was shivering the whole trip. I haven’t forgotten it since that day!


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