Beach vacation


My family always takes a vacation every year.

Normally we like to trade off who picks the location of the vacation each year so that we can experience new places together.

This year it is my turn to pick the locations and without even having to think about it I chose the beach. We live in a state that has snow on the ground for at least five months out of the year, so a warm weather vacation is just what we all need. I booked a really cool beach house that has enough bedrooms to fit everyone comfortably. After I booked the beach house, I called the owner of the house right away. I wanted to make sure that they had a working HVAC system. Sometimes when booking a house they don’t always put the description of the HVAC system so I needed to make sure that everyone would have access to air conditioning. My family is not used to hot and humid weather, so I know there would be a ton of complaints if I didn’t make sure the house had a heating and cooling system. I wanted to make sure that every room in the beach house also had a ceiling fan. I can just hear my family now complaining about the HVAC system, so I want to try and make sure everything is taken care of before we arrive to the beach house. I would be so upset if we got there and the HVAC system wasn’t working or even worse there was no HVAC system to begin with.


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