Boyfriend and I can’t agree on temperature


My boyfriend, Bill, and I have been dating for about five years now. I wanted to take the next step and move in together, but I was nervous to bring it up to him. One night after a glass of wine or two I finally got the courage to ask Bill if he wanted to move into to a new place once our leases were up. Bill loved the idea and was so happy I asked him. We spent the next month looking and places. We finally found one we really like and we moved in a week later. Now, we have been living together for about two months and it is going really well so far. However, there is one thing we can’t seem to agree on and that is what temperature we should keep the air conditioner on. I am naturally a cold person and Bill runs very warm. So I am either all wrapped up in a sweater with the air conditioner blasting or Bill is sweating while I have the heat on. I wish that we could agree on the air conditioner, but our natural body temperatures are set differently. We have had major arguments about the air conditioner and I think it would be really silly if that was the reason we ended up breaking up. I want to figure out our air conditioner delima without ruining our relationship. I think we will be able to come to an agreement as long as both of us are not stubborn about it.

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