Clogged heater vent almost kills me


I woke up at 3am to my smoke alarm going off.

I panicked and thought something was on fire.

However, I couldn’t find any smoke in the house. I did notice that I had a really bad headache though. Then I remembered that my smoke alarm also works as a carbon monoxide detector and I got really worried. I decided to call the fire department and then wait outside. Within minutes of being outside my headache went away. The fire department tracked down the carbon monoxide to my heater. They shut it off for me and then opened all of the windows. Finally my detector stopped beeping. I was told it was safe for me to go back inside but that I would need to call up a professional HVAC supplier to fix my heater. I was told I should not turn it back on until it was professionally fixed. Obviously I was not going to turn it back on. I could have died! I couldn’t sleep anymore last night because of my adrenaline. As soon as possible I called up an HVAC supplier and asked them to come out. I made sure they were licenced and that they understood the issue. The technicians arrived a few hours ago and repaired my heater. They explained that the heater vent was clogged up and that this had caused the issue. They also recommended having my HVAC system serviced at least once a year to avoid this in the future. I will definitely be doing that. I know my heater is fixed now but I’m still scared to use it. Can you blame me?
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