Cold office


I have worked for the same company for about five years now.

I really like the company and plan to work here for many years to come.

My office is pretty small and the management is really engaged with the staff. I have never worked for a company that takes such great care of their employees. I also truly like my coworkers, they have become my real friends and I even started to live with one girl in the office. I have made such lifelong connections at my job that I can’t imagine leaving. About a month ago my boss decided that we wanted to move our office to a location that was closer to downtown. It was a beautiful space and I was happy about the move. Well, that was before we actually started working in the space. The new office looked beautiful and had state of the art workstations with updated technology. However, the office was so cold it was almost unbearable to work in. I had to come in everyday prepared to be blasted by the air conditioning. It was tough to work with the air conditioner blasting all day and the temperatures in the office sometimes got down to sixty degrees. It was an almost impossible work environment and I had a talk with my boss about the air conditioner. He said the air conditioner was controlled in a different office and he would try but did not think there was anything he could do about this HVAC issue. I guess I am just going to have to get a space heater at my desk to deal with the cold air conditioner.


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