Cousin puts towel in ductwork


My distant cousin contacted me out of the blue and asked if she could stay with me for a couple of days. Of course I said yes. That was 4 months ago and she is still here. I thought she was just passing through town for a few days. I had no idea she wanted to move in. I wouldn’t mind so much if she contributed to the household chores a little bit. Oh, and helped pay bills. But no. She just sits on the couch all day, doesn’t work, and doesn’t help in any way. I have hinted that it is time to move on many times but now I am going to insist on it. That is because she broke my HVAC system. My air conditioner hasn’t been working right for 4 months now. Coincidence? I think not. Anyhow, the air conditioner finally stopped working entirely so I called up and HVAC technician. They came out, cleaned out my ductwork, and found a towel shoved down into the ductwork. The towel was very close to the vent in my cousin’s room. When asked about it at first she denied any knowledge of it. Then she finally admitted it was too cold in her room so she put the towel there. Well that towel made my HVAC system work too hard and now I have some very expensive repairs. Time for my cousin to move on. It is not like she is going to pay for my HVAC repairs, after all and enough is enough. She has cost me enough money.

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