HVAC tune-up


I was reading an article in the morning paper last week about energy saving tips for the home.

I have never really thought about ways to save energy so I found the article very interesting.

I didn’t know that you could save energy is such simple ways if you just make minor adjustments to your normal routine. One of the top tips was turning down the temperature of your cooling system before leaving the house. This will allow the air conditioner to work at a lower power level and thus save you energy. The article suggested not turning off your air conditioner when you leave because it uses a lot of energy to turn back on when you come home. These were all tips that I found really fascinating, so I did some more research on my own. I found out that if you have regular tune-ups on your HVAC system you are more likely to save money. By having regular tune-ups you can anticipate problems before they become an issue and make sure that your HVAC system is operating at its optimum potential. When your HVAC system is working at its optimum potential that means that is being efficient and not burning unnecessary energy. After reading this article I called my local HVAC company to schedule bi-monthly tune-ups. Within six months of my regular tune-ups I started to notice a major difference in cost on my energy bill. I am so happy I randomly stumbled upon this energy saving tips article! I would probably still be paying more than I needed to per month on my energy bill.

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