I can’t breath with the furnace on


This year has been colder than any year I can remember before.

For that reason I have been using my furnace a lot more than I usually do.

Normally, in this area we might use the furnace a few weeks in January. That’s it. Even then, the furnace is not on all day long. We might just use it in the morning to warm the house up while we get dressed. But this winter we turned the furnace on near the beginning of December and we have rarely turned it off at all in two months. It is literally freezing cold outside all day long. I don’t know if it is because we use the furnace so much, or what, but I am finding that I feel more and more stuffy when the furnace is on. It is almost like it is hard to breath. Like I’m not getting enough air. The thermostat is not set too hot either. In fact, I keep it rather low because I don’t want to be hot while having difficulty breathing. I actually wear my sweatshirt and gloves inside most of the time. And yet, I still find it hard to breath in the house with the furnace on. It is very strange. I don’t have this same issue when the air conditioner is on. And the air conditioner is on most of the year. I think I am going to call up an HVAC supplier and have them come out and take a look at our furnace. I want to make sure it is safe. Maybe there is carbon monoxide in the house or something like that.


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