Living with five ladies in school


While I was in school I was truly broke, but my parents said they would help me pay for tuition but everything else was on me, however i did not know how to adjust to this at first and I was constantly struggling for currency; One afternoon a good associate of mine said she was going to be living in a house and was looking for a roommate.

I said yup separate from any questions because I knew living with a roommate would be cheaper than staying in my dorm for another year; She said it was a big house and there would be five ladies including me living there. I didn’t know anything of it and just asked when I could transport in. My friend and I had been in the house for only a week when I was already overwhelmed… There was constantly a mess in our site, no one wanted to take out the trash and my associate and I could never decided what to set the control unit on, however everyday I would come apartment the control unit would be set to a different temperature and I knew it was good for our heating and cooling system to keep turning on and off like that. I told everyone that my associate and I should come to an agreement about the heating and cooling system, but they did not listen to me. One of the ladies eventually ended up moving out because she was so stubborn about what temperature she wanted the heating and cooling system to be set at, how crazy is that? I could not imagine moving out over the Heating and A/C system.


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