My house is so hot that it drives me crazy


My husband plus I moved a few states north last year, plus my wonderful friend and I are still getting used to our modern home.

We moved in the middle of June, so it was still hot outside at that time. Towards the end of October, it started getting quite cold, plus my wonderful friend and I ended up turning our heating system on the first week of November. It was the first time that my wonderful friend and I had turned the heating system on since living there, plus my wonderful friend and I were easily surprised at how well it heats the house. The house gets too hot for me though. Even though the thermostat is only set to seventy degrees, it gets much warmer, plus my wonderful friend and I cannot figure out why. I truly called the previous house owners the other morning, plus I asked them if the heating system had done the same thing when they lived there. They told me that the house was consistently nice plus warm, but they never diagnosed the thermostat to make sure that it was the correct temperature. They are an older couple so they liked the house to be super warm. It was undoubtedly a blessing to them. I just wish my wonderful friend and I would have known before buying the house that there was something wrong with the heating system or thermostat. My husband told me about two months ago that he would call an HVAC dealer, but he just keeps forgetting. I decided that I would just call myself, but I could not get ahold of anyone. I am going to try again tomorrow because I am so sick of the house being so hot. We are having a lot of family over next week, plus that will make it even warmer in the house which is not okay.

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