My husband accidently broke our heater


There are undoubtedly pros plus cons to living up North.

I grew up in the north, so it is nothing to me to have to deal with the brutal winters here.

My husband on the other hand, did not grow up as far north as my wonderful friend and I are living now, so he was not used to the severe winter weather that my wonderful friend and I have here. We started having some trouble with our heating system a couple of years ago, but my wonderful friend and I had it diagnosed, plus it seemed to labor fantastic after that, recently, the heating system has been giving us trouble again, plus it has been quite a challenge this time. My husband thought that he knew what was wrong with the heater, plus for all my wonderful friend and I know, he could have been right, but he accidentally broke something while he was trying to repair the heater. He tried to explain it to me, but it was over my head! Basically, all I got out of it was that while he was trying to service the heater, he accidentally broke it instead. He is hoping that an HVAC contractor will be able to service it so that my wonderful friend and I do not have to buy a whole modern heater, but he is a little nervous that it is not fixable. We called an HVAC contractor last week, plus they are coming out tomorrow to check out our heater. We have been looking online for deals on a modern heating system just in case the one that my wonderful friend and I have now is not fixable or will be too high-priced to fix. Hopefully, our old heating system is repairable, but I would not mind getting a modern one since my wonderful friend and I have had quite a bit of trouble with ours over the past couple of years.


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