My husband accidently threw out the wrong cooling system


I am the worst at explaining things.

I know that I am not a natural born teacher like my husband is because I just cannot transfer my thoughts like he can. I have beautiful ideas periodically, but they never come out like I want them to, then thankfully, my husband usually knows what I am trying to say, plus he helps me put my thoughts into words that are truly understandable. I tried going to school to be a teacher, but I realized quite suddenly that it was not for me. I find that I even have trouble explaining to my husband what I want him to do around the house. I started making a “to do” list for him, plus he calls me all of the time asking what I mean when I write things like “chuck cooling system.” I explained to him that one of the cooling systems was not working anymore, so I wanted him to get rid of it, but I forgot to explain which one it was; Looking back I understand how he misunderstood what I was saying. I basically just mentioned that the one that didn’t labor had green on it, but I forgot that the one that was still working also had green on it, plus it was more obvious. The cooling system that was not working had a green sticker on the back of it, but the cooling system that was still working fantastic had a green pin stripe across the front of it, he ended up throwing away the cooling system that worked just fantastic plus keeping the one that was broken. It was all my fault, plus it took quite a bit of searching to get it back.

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