My son cut himself pretty badly on our furnace


Being a mom to three crazy boys is amazing but also difficult.

I love my boys so much, but they know how to push my buttons.

I tell my mom all of the time how sorry I am for how I acted as a child because now I know how it is from the other end. I am now the parent that has to deal with these crazy kids. My boys are usually very obedient, but every once in awhile they get themselves into quite a bit of trouble. My husband made a playroom for them down in the basement because they kept accidentally breaking things while they were rough housing upstairs. One of our boys even broke a huge chunk of plastic off of our air conditioner in our living room while wrestling with the dog. I am so glad that they can play in the basement now, but I also worry about them because I cannot see what they are doing. One of my boys came upstairs with a huge gash in his leg a couple of weeks ago. I asked him how he got it, and he told me that he cut his leg on the furnace. Our furnace is in a little room that is separate from the boys playroom down in the basement, and I have told them several times not to play in the room that the furnace is in. Well, they learned their lesson the hard way. I took poor little Nate to hospital to get his leg stitched up. Needless to say, they have not played in the furnace room since, and I really hope that they never do again because there are so many things that they could cut themselves on in that room.


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