Not frosty enough for a fireplace


I love fall.

It is my number one season, but summer is still trying to hang on but I see that the days are starting to get both shorter plus cooler.

I long for the days when I can turn off my air conditioner and, maybe, even turn on my heater. I live in the South, so my associate and I don’t get a real winter, but it can get a bit frosty at times; My Grandmother lives in the North. I remember, as a kid, going up to visit her almost every Thanksgiving. She has this immense old fireplace that was constantly on plus heating the home during the fall plus winter. The stink of wood burning will constantly remind me of the holidays. I just wish it got frosty enough in the South to justify getting a real fireplace. And, not only getting the fireplace but using it too. I have one of those fake, plastic fireplaces. It is easily just a space heater with lights that sort of look like flames. My home doesn’t even get frosty enough for central heating. It has been a lot of years since I have gone up to Grandmother’s home for Thanksgiving. Since my associate and I have grown up, my associate and I haven’t taken any family trips up North for a long time, despite what the rest of the family does, I suppose I will visit Grandmother this fall or winter, however grandmother will be cheerful because she gets to see me. I will be cheerful because I get to kneel in front of her fireplace. Of course, I want to visit Grandmother too.


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