Office shut down due to HVAC failure


I have been laboring for the same business for about five years now, however it’s not that I care about what I do so much, however it pays really well. I started laboring with my business right after I graduated from college plus it has been really nice to grow with the business even if I am not super passionate about the work… However, about six months ago our business was purchased out by a larger business plus since then it has not been the same. The management does not seem to care about the employees at all! My pal and I have been having some issues with the air conditioner lately. Instead of letting us go house my wonderful friend and I have been forced to toil in an office without a laboring air conditioner. I am started to get frustrated that I have to come into toil everyday plus sweat by butt off while I am there. I told my manager that I am not going to toil out of the office until the air conditioner is fixed plus he threatened to fire me if I didn’t come in everyday. I was really fed up with the new managers plus I didn’t suppose it was necessary for me to come in everyday if I wasn’t going to be productive. However, the lack of a/c didn’t seem to be an issue for my new managers. I suppose that I am going to have to beginning looking for a new task if they don’t get the air conditioner fixed sometime soon.



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