Power surge


My mom is getting older.

I am noticing more and more that little things are beginning to bother her.

She seems nervous when we are in large crowds of people and that never seemed to bother her before. She is also very distracted at times. Driving to a new location is almost impossible. We have tried to convince her to get a GPS for the car but she does not trust it will work. She still like relying on a paper map which can be out of date or hard to understand. It can be very frustrating. The other area where I am noticing changes is in the temperature of her house. When she was younger it always seemed like her house was cold. She would insist on keeping it at a low setting to save on money. She also used to tell us that germs did not spread as fast in a cooler house. Lately, I have noticed that it is very warm. She is constantly saying that it is too cold. I have contacted the HVAC supplier in the area and they performed a complete check of the system. They said that other than the boiler being older, everything was working fine. I then had a local handyman check all the windows and doors for leaks, they too were fine. After having everything checked, including my mom’s health, we have decided that with age she must just be feeling cold. My biggest concern at this point in the rise in electric bills. We will just have to deal with those when they arrive. Her comfort is worth it anyway.


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