The furnace in my Uncle’s home is not working very well


I am large on having a close craft family, & I am so thankful that my family is very close to one another.

My hubby’s family is the same way, & it makes for a attractive life of love & friendship.

My Uncle is one of those people who has always been there for me through the thick & thin of life, & I very prefer him. He is so kind, & he helps me whenever I need it… Unluckyly, his health has gone downhill the past couple of months, & my hubby & I are afraid that he may not make it much longer. He has improved a little bit over the past couple of weeks, but he still is not doing very well. We did not realize until we visited him last month that his furnace is not working officially. He did not mention it to anyone because he did not want to be a burden. It makes me so distraught to guess that he has been cold in his home for over a month now. My hubby checked out his heater, but he was not able to figure out what was wrong with it. We called an Heating & A/C company to come take a look at the heater, & they were supposed to come two days ago, however we had such a disappointing blizzard in our part that they could not make it to his house. Thankfully, my hubby & I have been stranded at my uncle’s home with him because we are making sure that he stays moderate enough. We are praying that the snow melts enough for the Heating & A/C workers to get to his home & maintenance his heater. Until then, we are just staying as moderate as possible without a officially working heater.

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