Trying For Better Air Quality


The air quality in my house has been less than wonderful and I was determined to fix it. The problem was that I didn’t know anything about air quality or how to improve it. The air in my house was musty and dusty and I could see flecks of dust moving throughout the air whenever the sun shined through the windows. Before calling an HVAC company, I decided to remedy the situation myself. I went online and researched ways to improve air quality and the number one suggestion was to replace the air filter. This sent me down a rabbit hole on learning about air filters and where to locate them. Before I could replace the air filter, I had to purchase a new air filter from the hardware store and then find where the air filter was located. This was all a learning experience, but I was happy to learn about it. The old air filter was so congested that I couldn’t even see the mesh lining anymore and there were chucks of dust falling off of it. I even had to vacuum the area around where the air vent was sitting because of the excess dirt and debri. After installing the new air filter, I felt much better about my air quality even though I knew it would take some time for all the dust to be collected. In order to really purify the air, I purchased a small air purifier and I placed it in the main area of my house. I’ve been running it day and night and I’ve already had to replace the air filter within it once! The air quality is improving day by day!


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