You have to keep your pets warm and comfortable


When I first met Charlie we talked about the usual things: work, family, and pets.

It turns out we both work in graphic design, don’t have kids, and love our pets.

I have 2 cats and they are the only children I need. Charlie has a giant monitor lizard. I was picturing a little lizard pet. Maybe like an iguana. Nope. This monitor lizard weighs almost 50 bounds! He loves it like a baby and has had it for several years now. It just roams around the house all day when he is at work. When he is home, the monitor lizard gets to go outside and get some sunshine. Charlie said that he got underfloor heating installed in his kitchen so that his pet would be nice and warm and comfortable all of the time. I said, “That’s crazy” because I know how much an underfloor heating install can cost. My mom had it done in her home and it wasn’t cheap. However, after saying that I bit my tongue. I can’t tell you how much I have spent to keep my cats comfortable and spoiled. They ruin my furniture and I don’t mind. So how is that any different from Charlie spending a few thousand dollars to put in underfloor heating so that his monitor lizard stays warm. He told me that he is going to get underfloor heating put up outside on the patio next. He also wants to build a big cage, like an arboretum, so his lizard can go outside in the sun whenever he wants to. He is just not sure the lizard is smart enough to use a doggy door.

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